Jwand Web TV (www.jwand.tv)

Jwand Web TV is AVT Channels’ second web tv project. JWAND Web TV programs are designed to teach practical, economical ways to meet our families’ daily nutritional and fitness needs. Our goals are to educate and support individuals and groups who want to adopt healthier lifestyles by providing a hands-on approach to reduce major lifestyle diseases. Our programs are intended to help people achieve their best health without purchasing any products.

Education is the key to better health and “JWAND Web TV” programs is the way to achieve your health goals. “JWAND Web TV offers such specialized programs that aspire to target the audience who seek guidance and help from professional doctors and experts for related health diseases. Pakistani people have become health conscious more. They opt to such channels and programs that telecasts health oriented programs for their viewers. JWAND Web TV is the only one channel that telecasts broadcasts such programs that can increase the lifestyle of a person.